To See You Well


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released January 1, 2011



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JUBILEE Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: Begin Again
You know I'm so indulgent, I seem to wander pulling petals from their stems.
But your love is so redeeming, like the petals that are streaming through these veins.

Begin again.

Sometimes love's a flower, other times it's knuckles to your chin.
And you know my heart is noble, when it's sober and your light comes flooding in.

Begin again. I'm proud again.
Track Name: Indoor Voices Outdoor Dance Moves
Sometimes music takes you on a spaceship of velvet emotions,
Like rainbow waterfalls of love.
But living in the city space gets kinda tight.

That's when it's time for indoor voices, outdoor dance moves.

Crank up your headphones from the Bee Gees to the Ramones.
Your room is your spaceship, let's go!

It's nothing new you've done this before,
You were rockin' and boppin' to your mama's heartbeat.
Born into a galaxy, you now live inside a peanut,

So let's get salty tonight.

Crank up your headphones from the Beach Boys to the Stones.
Your room is your spaceship, let's go!

Indoor voices, outdoor dance moves
Indoor voices, outdoor dance moves
Indoor voices, outdoor dance moves
Indoor voices, outdoor dance Move!
Track Name: Moonlight Riders
I hear silence calling, and I feel my leaves falling.
We hear silence calling, and we feel our leaves falling.
Track Name: Useless to Compete
True love, it takes you as you are.
But true love, won't let you stay who you are not.

It's okay, there is time to sort it out... to straighten out what is twisted, what is false.

True friends, remind you who you are.
And true friends, won't let you stay who you are not.

It's okay, there is time to sort it out... to straighten out what is twisted, what is false.

You don't have to prove anything, and it's useless to compete.
The field is big enough and meant for all.
Track Name: Your Eyes
It's all been spoken, it's all been said. But not by me.
It's all been dreamed of, it's been done. But not by us.

'Cause your eyes know my name.
Track Name: Ross Lake
The dandelions have turned from suns to moons, as summer hums its final ancient tunes.

Take me somewhere things can grow.

This modern life is giving me cancer. Tell me who I am, give me an answer.

My head is filled with metal and wheels, not growing things.

Take me somewhere the lies die on your lips the moment you speak,
Like a mountain stream too high for slime to grow.
Track Name: Food and Oceans
You are like a big balloon... filled with love!
You're so beautiful it's like you've got, the sun inside of you, inside your belly.

I can't wait to meet and show you food and oceans, so very many simple things.

Harper Sparrow teach me how to fly with King of Kings, I hear you've just been with Him.
Your first song is all I ever want to sing again. Won't you sing with me my love, into eternity, my love?

'Cause I can't wait to meet and show you, food and oceans, so very many simple things.
Track Name: Blood on Your Mouth Fur in Your Teeth
How can you preach love when you're so out of reach from everyone who is in need?

You've got to get to know the poor and the rich who are lonely.

How can you teach peace when there's blood on your mouth and fur stuck in your teeth?

You've got to get to know the strong and the weak who are holy.

When I fed the poor they called me a saint. I asked why they starve and hell was at my gate.

You've got to get to know the poor and the rich who are lonely.
Track Name: Odysseus
What's the use in wasting time when the truth has always been carved to the very foundation of your mind?
You will surmise that gravity will pull down to the dust all of your flapping lies.

Just give it time, you will do fine once you listen to the pulse that's eternal and divine.
It's only tar, and not the bits of who you really are that must be burned up by his scars.
Track Name: Old House
"One returns to the self as if to an old house." - Pablo Neruda

Let it be said that these walls collapsed from fatigue,
that the crossbeams shook violently before unhinging.

This is not a suicide note.

Let the floorboards obituary report only two words:
One: Dancing. The other: rest.
Let the district appraiser name me Not Fit For Renovation.
Even as my bankruptcy takes me to embers
let the homeless gather to warm
their hands, and next to them, children clasping marshmallowtipped sticks, and next to them,
a GIANT graham cracker.
Let it be a graham cracker billboard
and let it crash like a window on the road.

Let the police and ambulances come
and when the Seahawks game ends, let the people leave their cars
to hurdle the barricades like stepping inside their own chalk outline
dancing in it like their own wreckage.
Let them hold it like pieces of the Berlin Wall.
Let them take it to the children,
see people who don't have an address,
and take them from the police's now obligated eyes.

This is a suicide note.

But not like a blindfold,
not like a tainted white flag
like I have lived on this street long enough
to see the bulldozers,
and they do not speak fence.
or consider your market value.
This note says I've been thinking

The Taj Mahal, a wonder of the world is
just a tomb,
you can tell cities apart by their skylines;
and most of the world's greatest empires
have crumbled into gift shops,
Instead of having this taken from me
I'd rather just give it away.

Rent costs us our days, and talk is cheap, but maybe
we'd have more space to breathe if we took our doors off,
this could all be hot air, and these are just dreams,
but dreaming is what I do when my eyes fall silent,
war headlines hissing in my fireplace;
when I can't see the mansions we build like altars to ignorance.
and in these dreams

I imagine
concrete into teachable,
tell moat water to freeze,
I pull constellations into chandeliers.

But even when they turn the lights on, and I return,
I hope I return to myself
as if to an old house.
Track Name: This Mourning is Warm
I love you I know I will. My heart accepts you and longs to see you well.

Daddy why did we steal their land? Maybe it's not our fault, but we must right a wrong that's lasted so long.

Casinos filled with broken glass. Burnt beer cans with treaties ash. Two windows have broken, but this mourning is warm.

I love you I know I will. And my heart accepts you. I love you I know I will. And I long to see you well.